Our Story

The Meaning of Colibri

Once upon a time, a forest was on fire leaving its animals helpless to witness the destruction of their home. One little Colibri started relentlessly flying from the lake to the fire with tiny droplets of water in its beak.
“What are you doing? Do you really think it will make any difference?”, Colibri was asked by another animal of the forest.
“I am doing my part and you’re invited to join. Together, we can make a difference.
Inspired by Colibri’s actions, the animals of the forest united to put out the fire and save their home, which remained lush and abundant for generations to come. 
Big impact through small, collective actions.

 Colibri Logo 

Meet the Team 

Photo of Colibri founder ArtArt, Founder & CEO

  • Happy place is lush forest 
  • Well-being, Tea, Nutrition & Nature enthusiast
  • The Alchemist behind Colibri branded products
  • Dreams about our healthy earth that hosts healthy humanity


Matt, CTO

  • Rides bikes and presses buttons
  • Enjoys all parts and aspects of nature
  • Obsessed with efficiency, making and furthering sustainable choices that align the interests of our planet with those who live on it


Delphine, Designer

  • Loves traveling, currently living in Paris
  • Passionate about textures, colors and volumes
  • Enjoys to share people's stories through graphic artwork and space thinking