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Organic Peppermint Lotion Bar

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Treat your skin to this moisturizing lotion for hands and body infused with essential oils. Slip it in your bag and access serene moments of self-care any time at home or on the go. 

Give your skin deep nourishments of luxurious butters & oils for a soft glow. Let the minty essential oils to help your breathe deeper and refresh your mind to tackle your day with confidence! 


USDA Organic Beeswax - moisturizing, protecting, natural preservative and emulsifier, healing

Organic Coconut Oil - moisturizing, nourishing, anti-bacterial, & anti-inflammatory

Organic Shea Butter - deeply moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, & wound-healing (eczema, scars, skin blemishes), hygroscopic

Organic Mango Butter - deeply moisturizing, tones skin, fights premature aging with the power of vitamin A, heals scars and wounds

Organic Sweet Almond Oil - deeply moisturizing and soothing, anti-inflammatory, and full of fatty acids, minerals and vitamins

Vitamin E - natural preservative, repairs damaged skin and provides with antioxidants

Peppermint Essential Oil - detoxifying and cooling, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-
bacterial, and anti-viral

Tea Tree Essential Oil - regenerating, wound healing, immune booster, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory

Organic Sage Essential Oil - wound healing, regenerating, antibacterial, fungicidal, and antiperspirant

Use & Care

Hold in your hands for a few moments to engage melting, use it for hands and body. Keep in a cool, dry place below 78° to prevent melting.


The tin containers are made from aluminum, the world's most recyclable material.
100% post consumer labels that can be recycled.

Product Lifecycle

Use up the lotion bar and recycle / reuse the tin.

Product Details

1.5 oz

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